The Thiessen Dedication Foundation

The Thiessen family believes that everything they have received has flowed out from God. Every night before heading home to their families, Dan, Jeff and Jordan come together to pray for the business, their employees and for those in need. This practice often includes others in the company and serves to ground the company daily in the Lord. Their business has had both highs and lows. In the lowest times, they have relied on God’s provision to care for their needs – both personal and professional. In good times, when blessing seemed to flow like rivers to the ocean, they remember the humble beginnings and the struggles throughout the years. Through it all, they have sought to honor the Lord and care for people.

That is why the Foundation is called: Thiessen Dedicated Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to God and was envisioned as a way to bring hope to a hurting world. The same hope that has carried each one of Dansons’ founders. It was the vision of Dan, Jeff and Jordan to give 10% of all of Dansons profits to partner with Christian agencies who are bringing hope, rescue, relief, comfort, and encouragement to people around the world in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since its formalization in 2018, the Thiessen Dedicated Foundation has supported a multitude of life-changing projects around the world.